Thanks to you…the word is spreading

Duct Sealing, Aeroseal, This Old House

Duct sealing being filmed for upcoming episode of Ask This Old House

There isn’t a single ad campaign ever created that has proven more effective at spreading the word about a good thing than good old fashioned word-of-mouth sharing between friends and family. So Aeroseal really owes a big thanks to the growing number of homeowners and property managers who have talked about Aeroseal with others.

Thanks to the buzz that has been created by happy customers – those that have reduced their energy bills or improved their indoor air quality or who have finally gotten that air conditioned and heated air to reach all the rooms in the house – word has really begun to spread on how big of a deal this innovative approach to duct sealing really is.

And with that buzz comes the attention from the media. Earlier this year Aeroseal was featured on the NBC Today show. Then we got a call from the producers of the Marilyn Denis show (Canadians think of her as the Oprah of the Great White North). They heard about us through the grapevine and wanted to feature Aeroseal on a segment they were doing about fixing drafty houses.

If you missed that one, just take your left-over turkey sandwich over to the TV on November 30th for a new episode of HomeTime with Dean Johnson to see how Aeroseal was used on a new home construction project Dean and his crew has been working on this season. Dean has been a long-time fan of Aeroseal technology and asked if we would make sure his new home was energy efficient and comfortable throughout.

Then, on December 7th, Michael King, host of the nationally syndicated radio show, HomeTalk USA will be featuring an interview with an Aeroseal expert. HomeTalk is the largest syndicated home improvement show on the radio today with 217 station affiliates airing the program throughout the United States.

But that’s just the beginning. Green building fans will be happy to note that in early 2014, Aeroseal will be featured on an episode of Ask This Old House. We spent a solid day with the TOH crew filming the duct sealing process and showing the results it gave to one viewer who was distraught over a particularly drafty home.

While you’re going for seconds on the stuffing, we’ll be putting up some of the videos on our website, so if you miss the original broadcasts, check back with us. If you have any questions about Aeroseal technology or just wonder what the process involves, you’ll get the answer from these programs.

Then talk about it with your friends and family – and we’ll be sure to say thanks for helping to spread the word.