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Energy Savings

Save up to $200 on your Energy Bill

Heating and cooling costs are a standard of living, but energy prices are on the rise. This translates into sacrifices being made to your usual standard of living.

In this Free Guide, you’ll discover how to reduce your energy expenses and keep your hard earned money in your pocket, even with higher rates.

Save up to $200 on your Energy Bill

Increase the comfort of your home and save money in the process

How can Aeroseal Duct Sealing Help Me?

Aeroseal Seals Leaks from the INSIDE Out

Aeroseal Duct Sealing utilizes small, microscopic aeroseal particals that stick to the holes in ductwork and attach only to themselves creating a seal in your ductwork and leaving your ductwork free of residue.

Balanced Airflow

Have hot and cold rooms in different parts of your home? Aeroseal solves that problem by sealing the ductwork and allowing airflow to travel to every room of your home evenly, lowering overall heating and cooling costs.

Improved Air Quality

Noticing more dust in your home? Noticing cold or allergy symptoms more frequently? Leaking ducts attract dust and debris from the outside spreading it all over your home.

Reduced Energy Expenses

Keep more money in your pocket! By having your ductwork sealed, your heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard, which translates into less operating time, less wear and tear on your system, and reduced energy bills in turn.

Don’t Take our Word for it!
See What our Customers are Saying

What a difference in our heating since we sealed the ducts with Aeroseal. We had a very annoying whistle in the duct work in the bedroom which is now gone. We have teenage girls who were always freezing – now they complain that it’s too hot! We have turned the temperature down 2° and have had to close vents in the back bedroom because it is too warm.
- Jeff, Kitchener, ON

Our family room, which is the furthest room away from the furnace, now has substantially increased airflow now that our ducts are sealed. Happy to say that what Aeroseal Ottawa promised – they delivered. Appreciated the professional service.
- Robert, Ottawa, ON

Immediately after having Aeroseal seal the ducts, I noticed that the house is warmer. The furnace is not coming on as often and shuts down quicker
-Eric, Calgary, AB

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