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  • Patented product
  • Energy Conservation and Home Comfort
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Aeroseal Duct Sealing
Maximizing Building Performance

The Answer To...Rising cost of Energy, Tighter building codes and customer demand for more comfort.

Maximizing building performance is no longer a theoretical consideration pursued by energy zealots. The rising cost of energy, tighter building codes and customer demand are all putting enormous pressure on engineers and contractors to design and build structures that are as energy efficient as they are functional.

In response to this growing demand, an emerging industry called ESCOs (energy service companies) has emerged. ESCOs not only offer specialized expertise in building performance, but they often provide financial and managerial services that make energy efficiency possible for a lot of engineers and property owners that would otherwise be left out of the equation.

Please review this wonderful video from Dean Johnson at Hometown on the entire Aeroseal process.

We require strong marketers to introduce this technology to your community and become a home energy efficiency consultant with future energy efficiency add ons.

Over the next 5 years a demand will be created for qualified energy consultants to work with homeowners and businesses to review their carbon footprint, and offer viable solutions such as Aeroseal.

Aeroseal not only provides the consumer a energy conservation solution but also offers a Home Comfort solution.

We have a great story to tell, eco friendly, green service, energy conservation and home comfort.

We have no competition and the sealant has a very strong patent.

It is our hope that over the next 5 years, new home builders will have no alternative but to seal homes using the Aeroseal technology as building codes for duct leakage are further increased.

Our technology has been a wonderful success in Canada every home we have performed a seal on has seen some energy savings and a huge improvement in indoor home comfort.

Why Join Aeroseal

  • Next 3 to 5 years Aeroseal and Energy Efficiency businesses positioned to Explode
  • Become a Home Energy Efficiency Specialist
  • Government, provincial, and utilities incentives and tax rebates expected over next 5 years
  • Energy conservation industry one of fastest growing sectors.
  • Home comfort seen as huge growth sector over next 5 years
  • Patented and No Competition
  • Strong Profit Margins
  • Home Builders building code enhancements forcing builders to seal with Aeroseal
  • Commercial licenses also available

For Existing HVAC or Related Businesses

  • Be more profitable
  • Earn solid, year-round income
  • Get more Referrals
  • Grow the lifetime value of every customer
  • Gain More Trust and Exclusivity From Your Customers
  • Be an IAQ/Energy Efficiency Specialist
  • Differentiate Yourself From Your Competiton

AEROSEAL Duct Sealing One of the Fastest Growing Segments of the HVAC Industry!

New Home Builders continue to look at Aeroseal as an upgrade and alternative to current duct sealing procedures.

We expect that the New Ontario 2014 Duct Leakage Code for new Home Builds will be introduced to other provinces, and be strongly enforced over the next few years.

Duct leakage has become a major initiative for the HRAI industry.

Make sure to watch the 9 minute video from the PBS Television show “This Old House”, you can Click Here to Watch the Video - It shows you the entire Aeroseal process from one of North Americas most respected TV shows.

Also featured on NBC Today Show: Watch the Video Here

Home Comfort is our number 1 selling point, Reducing Hot and Cold Rooms.

Our technology ensures the home is balanced and working efficiently.

Priority Energy recently reported the results of an Aeroseal case study in which a homeowner compared his energy bills, home comfort and indoor air quality before and after having their duct work sealed with Aeroseal.

The homeowner recorded a $600 savings on their annual heating and cooling costs which equates to just a 2 year return on investment.

The Aeroseal process has proven to be 95% effective at sealing duct leaks,” said Robert Schildgen, of Priority Energy, in Chicago. “It is quickly replacing traditional tape and mastic, because it is the only guaranteed method of sealing ductwork and attaining IECC code requirements in both energy efficiency retrofits and new construction.”



  • With the growing awareness of the need for energy conservation and the desire for customer's health and comfort; Aeroseal has found a unique place in today's market. Duct sealing is rapidly becoming the most requested solution to problems uncovered by home energy auditors and forward thinking HVAC contractors across the country. As an Aeroseal dealer, I've become the leader in home comfort solutions. We are able to provide duct sealing for our own customers in addition to being the "dealer of choice" for all the other contractors and home energy auditors in our service area. I have found that the initial investment is well worth the long term benefits of being the leader in the industry and having the ability to recommend solutions that others simply cannot offer.
    Steve Schmidt, Frederick Air Inc.
  • Aeroseal has opened up a world of new opportunities for my weatherization company. We are now a duct sealing company that also provides weatherization. Aeroseal enhances the services we offer our customers and provides a customized solution for achieving high efficiency duct work for our homeowners. After the Aeroseal process is performed, our customers enjoy lower energy bills, more even air distribution between rooms, and reduced dust. We see Aeroseal as an integral part of our business model and through education will become the main service we provide.
    Bill Henne, ECS
  • Aeroseal has made my business what it is today. At ArrowSeal we exclusively perform the Aeroseal process for our customers. By offering Aeroseal exclusively, we have cornered the market and are running the system everyday. Not only are we growing our business and profits with Aeroseal, we are providing the only solution to effectively seal duct work.
    Steve Tansy, ArrowSeal
  • Aeroseal is an amazing product. I believed in the Aeroseal Sealing Process enough to start my business offering only that! Since becoming a dealer in 2006 I've had the opportunity to see the duct sealing industry go from overlooked to becoming one of the most energy efficient, cost effective solutions we can offer to our homeowners today. If you understand ductwork, proper duct sizing and air flow I wouldn't blink an eye before adding Aeroseal to your product line.
    Jason Tollari, Inside Out Duct Sealing