In North America, over 90% of building air duct systems have small holes and cracks! These gaps not only reduce comfort levels, but also increase heating and cooling costs.

Leaks are caused by a variety of factors including:

    • age of the dwelling
    • quality of construction
    • type of ductwork
    • local building codes

Repairing your HVAC duct systems with Aeroseal will save cooling and heating energy costs! In air-based systems, air ducts deliver all of the heating and cooling to conditioned spaces. Any leakages means that more fan energy is required, due to increased flow and/or run time. Sealed ducts will reduce the amount of heated /cooled air the supply fan must deliver.

Repairing air duct leakages with Aeroseal can improve your indoor air quality! Unclean air/contaminants from crawlspaces, attics and other places can actually be pulled into the ductwork, and mix with the air that you and your family breathe. As a result, poor air quality is a problem with many homes. In fact, most homes we visit have 20 – 40% leakage! In commercial buildings, air contamination from leaky return ducts and ventilation shafts results in odour issues and an unhealthy indoor environment.

Aeroseal will increase your comfort and air quality, and save you money!