Ask This Old House to Feature Duct Sealing Segment

IMG_2601sIt’s one thing to have an Aeroseal dealer tell a homeowner how wonderful aerosol duct sealing is for their house. It’s another thing entirely when a trusted and respected industry professional tells a homeowner it’s good stuff.

And there are few home renovation experts better known or more trusted than Richard Trethewey the HVAC specialist on PBS’s long-standing home improvement and remodeling program This Old House. So, as you can imagine, we’ve reserved the Lazy Boy recliner in front of the television set for March 20th, in anticipation of Season 12 – Episode 20 of Ask This Old House, featuring a segment on duct leaks and the use of Aeroseal to increase home comfort and reduce energy waste.

Ask This Old House is the follow up program to This Old House. Together, these two shows represent the first and most trusted programs about home renovation and remodeling. On Ask This Old House, the show’s team of experts tackles specific questions and concerns submitted by viewers.  In episode #1220, they visit a Boston-area home to assist a young couple who are looking to improve their home’s room-to-room comfort issues as well as reduce high energy bills.

I haven’t seen the final cut yet, but I was there for the taping and know that Trethewey and the rest of the This Old House crew were really impressed with the Aeroseal technology. Richard had his sleeves rolled up and was thoroughly engaged with the Aeroseal team from Boucher Energy, who were brought in to manage the project. Trethewey asked all the right questions, pointed out all the right issues and came to all the right conclusions at the end of the sealing process.

So you may want to get the word out. If you or anyone you know is interested in real energy savings or who continues to live in a home with rooms that never seem to get warm enough in the winter or cool enough in the summer (most all of us!), then this program will be a real eye opener. Most people are unaware of the role that duct leakage plays in energy waste and indoor comfort  and we suspect this program will help spread the word.

Be sure to check out the specific airtime for your exact location. The program is officially slated to air March 20th but some PBS affiliate stations may decide to run it at a different time. You can find out the exact date and time by checking the program schedule for your area by visiting and looking for Season 12; Episode 20.