Sealing the Deal with Mobile Homes

duct sealing, mobile homes

When I enter into conversations about home energy savings, I’ve got to admit, I’m almost always thinking about traditional stick-built houses. But lots of Americans live in mobile homes – nearly ten million to be exact. And, it turns out, they are as interested in energy savings and indoor comfort as those living in apartments, condos and more traditional immobile homes – maybe even more so. Who would have guessed?

So it was with particular interest that I learned from one Arizona-based Aeroseal dealer that duct leaks are a huge problem for mobile homeowners. Apparently, the construction methods used to put these structures together, the moving process, the way they are connected at their final destintion and their overall design in general, make mobile homes particularly susceptible to duct leakage. He told me that while he usually finds traditional homes leak, on average, 10 to 30 percent, he often finds the ductwork in mobile homes to leak 50 percent or more. That’s half the air being heated by the furnace or cooled by the air conditioner escaping out into nowhere. Wasted energy. Uncomfortable homes.

I spoke to a couple of the dealer’s customers. They were both absolutely ecstatic about their duct sealing experience. Both told me that Aeroseal made a huge difference to their indoor comfort and to their energy bill. Both were now saving a $100/month or more on heating (their entire Winter energy bills averaged about $250 a month before duct sealing). This is a lot of savings for anyone but it was particularly welcome for these two homeowners, both on fixed incomes.

One of the mobile homeowners suffered from allergies. She told me that since the aeroseal work was done, her symptoms severely diminished – her  eyes are no longer red and sore and she rarely sneezes indoors like she used to. Both raved about  improved comfort as well. Rooms that never got enough heat were now as warm and cozy as the rest of the home. They could actually feel the heat blowing out of registers that were previously all but dormant.

So there you go. Mobile homes need loving too – and duct sealing these homes with Aeroseal is proving to be one of the best investments mobile homeowners can make.

If you are a mobile homeowner that can relate to this story, I’d love to hear from you. Particularly if you’ve had you ductworks aerosealed. This is something that just needs to be shared with others.