Let us show you how you can save from 5% to 20% OFF your Energy bill by sealing the leaks in your Ductwork Create more comfort within your home… No more Hot or Cold Rooms.

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Four Reason to have your Ducts Sealed


Repairing your HVAC duct systems with Aeroseal will save cooling and heating energy costs!


Repairing air duct leakages with Aeroseal can improve your indoor air quality! Airtight comfort: Your hard to heat or cool rooms will have more even temperatures and be more comfortable


Reduced Air Pollution


Aeroseal will increase your comfort and air quality, and save you money!



“Our family room, which is the furthest room away from the furnace, now has substantially increased airflow now that our ducts are sealed. Happy to say that what Aeroseal Ottawa promised – they delivered. Appreciated the professional service.”
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- Robert

Immediately after having Aeroseal seal the ducts, I noticed that the house is warmer. The furnace is not coming on as often and shuts down quicker.
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- Eric

I immediately noticed a difference in the airflow and that there is more air into the farthest bedrooms. It is also a lot quieter when the furnace comes on and it shuts down earlier.

- Laurence