Let us show you how you can save from 5% to 20% OFF your Energy bill by sealing the leaks in your Ductwork Create more comfort within your home… No more Hot or Cold Rooms.

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4 Quick Facts about Duct Sealing

Enjoy the ultimate in home COMFORT.

Uneven temperatures throughout your home is a common problem with a simple solution.

Temperatures that vary from room to room are due to air escaping through leaks in your home’s ductwork – these leaks prevent the conditioned air from flowing into your living space.

Sealing your ducts will allow your system to properly heat and cool your home by keeping conditioned air exactly where you want it – giving you the ultimate in home comfort.

Breathe HEALTHIER air and REDUCE dust.

If anyone in your home suffers from asthma or allergies, you want to make your home as healthy as possible.

Pollutants like pollen, dust mites, mold, animal dander and dust are common triggers for allergies and asthma.

Leaky ductwork in your home will force unhealthy air into your living space; unhealthy air from your attic, crawlspace, basement or even from behind walls.

Sealing your ducts will eliminate entrance points for pollutants to enter your home and leave you with the healthy air you and your family deserve to breathe.

PROTECT and PROLONG your heating/cooling equipment.

You want your HVAC system to last as long as possible – nobody gets excited to go shopping for a new one!

And if you have a high efficiency system, you expect to get what you paid for! SEER and AFUE are efficiency ratings – like MPG for a car.

Much like if there were holes in your gas tank, if you have holes in your ductwork, your system will not perform as expected. Sealing your ducts will protect and prolong the life of your HVAC system.

SAVE money on your energy costs.

Every penny counts – so don’t let leaky ducts suck your piggy bank dry!

On average, 30 cents of every dollar spent on heating and cooling is wasted because of leaks in ductwork.

If your system seems to run constantly and if you have higher than expected utility bills, stop wasting your money! Sealing your ducts can help seal in the savings.

How comfortable is your home or building? How important is the air quality?



“Our family room, which is the furthest room away from the furnace, now has substantially increased airflow now that our ducts are sealed. Happy to say that what Aeroseal Ottawa promised – they delivered. Appreciated the professional service.”
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- Robert

Immediately after having Aeroseal seal the ducts, I noticed that the house is warmer. The furnace is not coming on as often and shuts down quicker.
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- Eric

I immediately noticed a difference in the airflow and that there is more air into the farthest bedrooms. It is also a lot quieter when the furnace comes on and it shuts down earlier.

- Laurence